Steve Young Plumbing - Plumber in training left mess on floor, and air in sink

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paid premium with no senior discount for clean-out of kitchen drain.despite many calls, no resolve to issue of constant gurgling each time sink is drained, as well as, slow draining of other kitchen sink.

The young apprentice arrived alone and didn't even attempt to clean up his mess in basement. I was charged full price,for the kid, as if a experienced plumber was doing the job. Found out since that senior price should have been $125 without a mess and no sink gurgling.

Don't call Steve Young Plumbing & Heating from Dorchester, Ontario.519-868-9747

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London, Ontario, Canada #1182808

Agree, terrible attitude and he rips people off. I'll never use him again.


Nice stuff, good info. Thank you for posting.

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